Place Musette met o.a. Jan De Smet

huisorkest o.l.v. Derek

French chanson

Starting at 6 pm, the Café Koer terrace evokes the atmosphere and coziness of Montmartre in Paris. Every night, the house orchestra dives into the rich repertoire of the French chanson. Place Musette is an intimate setting where you can dance, have a drink, sing along or look at a painter in action.

The house orchestra consists of accordionist Rony Verbiest, double bass player Mario Vermandel, guitarist Hans Van Oost, drummer Luc Vanden Bosch and singer/guitarist Derek.

Every night, between 7 pm and 7:45 pm, the band plays musette. From 8 pm up to 8:45 pm they are joined by Derek. Between 9 pm and 10 pm a guest singer takes the stage.

Mich Van Hautem – Sun. 30/7
Johan Verminnen – Mon. 31/7
Jan De Smet – Tue. 1/8
Mich Walschaerts – Wed. 2/8
Maria (Greet Van Cromphaut) – Thu. 3/8
Patrick Riguelle – Fri. 4/8
Sarah D’hondt – Sat. 5/8


Tue 01-08-17