Amuse Gueule: Monochromatic

Anne Niepold & Gwen Cresens

Cosily together enjoying music, in a splendid setting near the sea.

Accordion players Anne Niepold en Gwen Cresens share a same philosophy about music, but each has a unique style. Always in search of an original approach and the genuine power of music, sometimes ecclectic, challenging and playful, sometimes melancholic and narrative. Their first cd Monochromatic (2016) brings together Bach and Vivaldi, Nirvana and Stromae, with plenty of room for improvisation.

A sublime record, entirely instrumental, but not one moment where song or other instruments are lacking.‘ (

Anne Niepold studied jazz composition at the conservatory in Brussels and was awarded the Toots Thielemans Award. After graduating she followed master classes with Richard Galliano. Gwen Cresens enjoyed a classical education at  the conservatory in Antwerp and already performed with e.g. Kommil Foo, Raymond, Arno and Taraf de Haidoeks.

DiatoniC accordIon: Anne Niepold.
ChromatiC accordIon: Gwen Cresens.

As part of BRUS | OOST, a cooperation with the Flemish Community commission.


Sun 30-07-17
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