Monkey Mind



Dynamic and taboo breaking. In Monkey Mind Lisi Estaras tries to establish an intense encounter between five dancers. To what extent is their meeting influenced by the fact that three of them have Down syndrome? Can they connect? Together they make an attempt to answer these questions in an energetic and associative choreography...

‘Normality and limitation fade away and out of the shadows come forward two beautiful and strong people. Nothing more, nothing less. That is exactly what’s so good about inclusion dance: using differences to create new opportunities, without neglecting those differences.’ (De Standaard ***)

CREATION: Lisi Estaras.
CREATION/DANCE: Fernando Amado, Hannah Bekemans, Anna Calsina, Kobe Wyffels, Nicolas Vladyslav.
CO-PRODUCTION: les ballets C de la B, De Grote Post.

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The performance is also accessible from 12 years onwards.


Sat 29-07-17
€ 12