BLOW trio

Young Talent, TAZ#2016 laureate

They started out as a trio of street musicians in Ghent. Two saxophonists, one drummer, some black hoodies and white masks. Nobody knows who they are. They blow and they disappear. Playing and vanishing. Even though they are pretty handsome, at least that is what they tell us. But their music is more important than their looks. And yes, we can live with that.

Last year, the audience at TAZ was quite extatic about BLOW, a musical party in threefold. The jury approved as well: ‘BLOW delivers a danceable and clever set, full of routine without ever being boring. BLOW builds structures with an energy you would rather associate with electronic dance music, post-punk and dub.

Their catchy tunes and stimulating drums will excite you, saxophones transform into crazy synths… BLOW makes you dance, BLOW is a party.
BLOW is our kick-off in the Lokettenzaal, the best way to end your day… or dive into the night.


Thu 27-07-17
€ 10